The Dream Team

I was bitten by the green bug on the Green Home Tour.  During the tour, I met many architects and builders who were very passionate in their work, including George Ostrow of  Velocipede Architects, Jason Legat of Model Remodel, Martha Rose of  Rose Constructions, et al. They were generous in sharing their knowledge and inspirational to a newbie in green-ness.

Parie is overjoy with the possibilities of my house, architecturally speaking...

Parie is overjoy with the possibilities of my house, architecturally speaking…

I found Parie (rhymes with “Marie”)  Hines of LD Arch Design while strolling through the Green Home Tour website. Parie had designed an addition for her house, complete with a  green-roofed chicken coop.  It was on the tour.  On her site Parie said she “pursued a career in architecture as a tool for environmental change, combining creative and analytical skills with a strong desire to work towards a sustainable future.”   It caught my attention.    As one of four Frederick P. Rose Architectural fellows selected nationally, Parie partnered with Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association on community projects for a 3-year fellowship.  I wanted to meet her to see if we would connect.   Parie coincidentally graduated from North Carolina State University where I also went to school.  The southern connection didn’t hurt but Parie’s philosophy and personality won me over.  I was comfortable with her and felt she could visualize and embrace my many crazy ideas.  And there were many.

I met my builder Ted Clifton, Jr. while attending a Sustainable Ballard workshop at Eric Thomas and Alex Salmon’s net-zero-energy house.  It was the first of its kind in Seattle, and Ted built it based on a design by his father, Ted Clifton, Sr.  The house won the 2012 National Green Building Award for Concept & Research.

The only thing Ted Jr. loves more than building houses is being with his family. Ted Jr. brought with him to many meetings one or both of his kids, while his wife Rachel was at work as a nurse.  In fact, he decided on a 3-day work week because of Rachel’s work schedule.  It allows Ted to care for his children and be with his family for four days.  (He actually does his paper work on those two days.) People whom I met always commented on Ted’s honesty and work ethics.

Ted and his tool belt are inseparable.

Ted and his tool belt are inseparable.

Being budget conscious, Ted is always thinking of ways to save me money without sacrificing the quality of the work. I like Ted’s unpretentious ways. He is happiest when swinging a hammer alongside his crew.

Ted, Parie and I met several times individually and together.  I needed to ensure that I was comfortable working with them; and they were comfortable working with each other.  With the team assembled and permit obtained it was time to build.

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2 Responses to The Dream Team

  1. Cate says:

    Hello, I am the Green Home Tour Organizer, our entire team of staff and volunteers are overjoyed to see your blog post. We are so happy to see the fruits of our labor come together in such a perfect union – thanks for the inspiration. I shared the link with my team and wonder if we can post /link on our Facebook page?

    • eareast2 says:

      Thanks for reading! Sure, please share the link. I need to work on the blog; I have been busy with other aspects of the house. It is really coming along. I just haven’t kept up with the writing. Couple bouts of flu, cold…

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