I truly enjoy being able to recycle most of the building materials, whether selling or giving away the stuff to a good home.   Craigslist is quite user friendly but can be time consuming.

My first giveaway was the laminate flooring from the kitchen. Free stuff gets a lot of attention.  Immediately after the ad was posted I got more than 20 replies.  I quickly deleted the ad to avoid inundated with emails.  Having established an account I could easily re-post the ad should there be a need.  Just because its free there is no guarantee your stuff suits others needs.  It took me several weeks to get rid of two shower stalls because the faucet was on the “wrong” side.   I felt bad for this elderly gentleman who drove from Spanaway to pick up the showers but decided they were too small.

Some people responded with why they needed the stuff.   Some asked a hundred questions.  My rule was first come first served, especially coupled with a good reason.  I gave the laminate flooring to Jack who was helping a student fixed up her trailer;  she needed a decent place to study, so he said.  He seemed honest when he showed up to pick up the material.  Laminate be-gone!

Kathy who came for the free toilet decided it was the the wrong color.  She wanted white, not the almond color ones I had.  I didn’t even realize they were not white until she pointed them out.  However, she exclaimed in glee when she spotted the still-attached window box in what was once the kitchen.  She said she had been looking all over for exactly that.  I promised her when it was down she had first dip.


Happy Kathy with her $20 window box.

All the giveaways on Craigslist were without incident, except one.

With custom made Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for the roof the house no longer needed the trusses. I posted an ad to give them away.  As expected, the response was tremendous.  Debra, using the email address Sunnysidemanor @ Comcast, sounded sincere in her email:

I’m wondering whether they are still waiting to be claimed?
What a wonderful gift!  We have an equipment hauling trailer and help to load, would rent the crane.
Are they 4/12 pitch?
Thank you,
425 742 2700

When I asked her how she was using the trusses she responded:

We could cover the bridge into our barn’s second floor, build a shelter for animals, etc.  Lots of things!
I see your ad is gone now, are they still available?

Sounded like great reasons.  I was happy she had the equipment to haul the trusses and put them in good use.

On the day she was to pick up the trusses, Debra called me and asked me if I were at the job site.  No.  I did not tell her I was on my way.  She said she would call me back.  And as I was approaching the job site, she called again but claimed there was a lot of noise she could not hear me; she would call me back.  I parked the car and walked up to the house.  Ted was on the phone.  When he finished he said he was just talking to Debra, who told him Second Use was picking up the trusses.  Hmmmm…I called Second Use and spoke to Seth about the pick up.  Seth was familiar with my address since I had donated stuff before.  He thought it was odd a Debra Connelly was getting store credit on my trusses.  (One can get store credit or a donation receipt for the materials.)  I called Debra and confronted her.  She gave me some story and said she was bankrupt .  I pointed out that she had told me that she had a rental house in my neighborhood.  In fact, she wanted Ted to do some work on that house.  As a retired FBI agent, I did not enjoy being deceived.  The trusses went to Habitat For Humanity via Second Use.  Yes, I got the tax receipt for the donation.

FYI, Debra Connelly is a real estate broker in the Everett office of Preview Properties, Inc.


Trusses donated to Habitat via Second Use.

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1 Response to Craigslisting

  1. Eric Shalit says:

    Great story! Thanks for being wily and not letting the bad guys win.

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